Romer inspection arm part part Chief Overdrive 4-Speed Transmission

Since founding in 1989 in Bellingham, Washington, Irongate Machine is a locally owned and operated machine shop that takes pride in providing the highest quality parts to our ever expanding customer base day in and day out. Housing our ever expanding repertoire of modern equipment is a 23,500 sq ft facility which provides ample room to facilitate our customer’s needs as they appear. Our focus at Irongate Machine is rooted in creating true value added partnerships with our customers. We don't see it as a customer-supplier relationship, but as partners enabling the solutions to your problems. Our customers are consistently impressed by the quality and timeliness of our parts and Irongate Machine is touted by many as their favorite machine shop.

Keeping up with current technology is a big driving factor here at Irongate Machine. The latest MasterCAM software allows us to produce intricate and complex parts with less hassle in less time. The latest Solidworks CAD software gives us the ability to produce quality CAD Models and part prints.

Recent additions to our facility's inspection department include a Micro-Vu vision system and a Digimar digital height gauge. After safety, quality is our #1 concern here and with the added ability to verify complex angles and surfaces, we feel these devices provide a great compliment to our other capabilities.

Located on site we also have gear shaping, gear hobbing, and broaching capabilities. Manufactured in house is the Chief-Overdrive 4 speed transmission designed by Frank Byford, which includes multiple gears, cams, sprockets, shafts, and milled castings. The finished product represents the quality of parts and diversity of capabilities in house at Irongate Machine.

With our in house capabilities and our expansive network of service providers, whether your parts need to be heat treated, anodized, cast, lasered, or powder coated we strive to provide a finished part for you within spec and on time. We look forward to growing new customer partnerships in the near future.

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